Bryan Klopping is an American multimedia artist born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1986.

In 2004, he enrolled at the University of Nebraska Lincoln for fine arts with an emphasis in sculpture and digital performance art. This included study in Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan. Between the years of 2005 and 2012 he created and toured with bands internationally. From 2010-2011 He co-curated house show venue, Clawfoot House, in Lincoln Nebraska, which brought in international alternative music. Klopping then became the intern for Nebraska based art gallery, Tugboat Gallery, while completing his residency at the Parrish Project. During this period, he also worked as the assistant art director for the newspaper, The Daily Nebraskan.

In 2012, he moved to New York City and soon joined the lower Manhattan artist group, Glassine Box, as an intern. Next, Klopping began collaborating with artist Domingo Zapata. Klopping's paintings lean toward geometric abstract expressionism. He attempts to understand human and physical relationships through space and time.

From 2018 to present, Bryan has been working as a full time artist.